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APV Valuers & Asset Management

APV is Asset Valuer Pro’s primary support partner and is the key contact for jurisdictions that are not served by a local partner. Their Director (David Edgerton FCPA) is internationally recognised as a leading expert in the valuation and depreciation of public sector assets.

APV is one of Australia’s leading valuation firms. It specialises in the determination of financial reporting valuations under the accounting standards for a wide range of public sector entities, local governments, NFP entities and private sector organisations. It operates in every state of Australia, and has undertaken projects outside of Australia including New Zealand and the south pacific.

APV can assist in the initial setup of Asset Valuer Pro as well as provide technical and education assistance. They provide clients with the full gambit of options from APV delivering the valuation in full using Asset Valuer Pro, working with clients through a collaborative approach, peer reviews, provision of specific information or simply helping with the initial set up of Asset Valuer Pro as a DIY solution.

APV is also registered as an accredited consultant with the Asian Development Bank

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