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  • This is the case we met when some client came back to us and ask for an amendment. For example, a client or a user wants to change one group of assets’ Asset Class, in instead of re-import a new set of Asset Hierarchy (Anyone reading this will be assumed knowing how to set up Asset Hierarchy and Assumption in Asset Valuer Pro, Please read other instruction or guide if you have question here.) a direct refactor can gain the goal quickly and easily. Like above, User or Client wants all "Buildings" to become "Buildings and Structures" Firstly, navigate to “Asset Class” node under “Asset Hierarchy” Tab; Then press the edit button in front of the Asset Class you want to change, in this case, it will be “Buildings”; Finally, modify the existing text into the one we want, save and close.
  • We found out a limitation of the length of text while using excel to import data via AVP, The following information will give a brief summary and help users to adjust their input. Import asset register: Asset Id has the limitation of 100 Asset Name has the limitation of 100 Street Address has the limitation of 100 The suburb has the limitation of 100 The town has the limitation of 100 The state has the limitation of 100 The country has the limitation of 100 Post Code has the limitation of 100
  • Firstly, only the user with Client Administrator Role or Super Admin can reset the other users password. Also, the current logged in user can modify its own password. Apply following actions: Navigate to User List View Under Administration Node Make sure it is in the EDIT mode, if not , Click the EDIT button on the top left side Click the Reset User Password button and press the Save and Close button. (optional) If user want to reset its own password, tick the checkbox of Change Password On First Logon. Finally, it will reset this user password to (blank)

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