Implementation Process

The size and complexity of organisations varies greatly as does the number and capability of staff involved with the valuation process. In addition, the location and access to Asset Valuer Pro experts impacts the design of the implementation process.


Asset Valuer Pro is designed with an easy to use simple and logical interface and is supported by an extensive range of guides. Email, phone and web support is also provided to ensure a smooth implementation process.


For a typical entity with a moderate level of knowledge of their assets and requirements Asset Valuer Pro usually recommends a

three-day on-site implementation workshop. This is normally sufficient and provides adequate time to tailor hierarchies, assumptions, etc.


However, for entities with limited experience or capability (such as governments implementing accrual IPSAS) it may be appropriate to tailor the implementation process. This will be discussed and agreed with clients at the quotation stage. Depending on circumstances some training and discussion may be provide via web conferencing to reduce travel and associated costs.


For ‘group’ clients (such as valuation firms, Valuers-General or whole-of-government arrangements) it is usually more appropriate to conduct a range of workshops supported by in-the-field training of staff.