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Key Features

The solution is designed to provide a simple and logical process flow while also ensuring the outputs satisfy an extensive range of user needs.


Key features include :-

  • Full compliance with both IFRS and IPSAS based standards including market, income and replacement cost approaches

  • Cloud based application: multiple users (including audit) can access file from anywhere where there is web access

  • Subscriptions available for individual or group (such as Governments, Valuers-General or valuation firms) level.

  • Multi-level access for unlimited number of users

  • Methodology can be as simple or as complex as desired

  • No limit on asset classes, asset types or components: 100% tailorable by entity

  • Use templates or tailor your own

    • Asset Hierarchy (including componentisation)

    • Financial Reporting asset classes

    • Assumptions

    • Data to be collected

  • In-built data and other validation processes

  • Ability to Import/Export all data via Excel supported by a data import validation and log tool

  • Tablet data collection tool

  • Capture Photographs, floor and site plans, GIS co-ordinates

  • Extensive range of reports

    • General

    • Validation

    • Analytical

    • Special

    • Asset Management

  • Financial Reporting and Disclosures

    • Reports based on ‘Financial Reporting Asset Class’

    • Financial period ‘Movements Reconciliation’

    • Calculation of ‘Depreciation Expense’, ‘Loss from part disposal’ and ‘Asset Revaluation adjustment’

    • Fair Value Measurement (IFRS13) disclosures

  • Extensive range of guides and tools

  • Tools to enable reassignment of asset IDs or re-allocation of components (including re-segmentation)

  • Containers to store reports, supporting documents, audit reports, etc

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