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Local Governments

Asset Valuer Pro is increasingly being used by Local Governments to undertake their own financial reporting and insurance valuations. This includes the valuation of assets ranging from buildings through to roads, water, waste water and marine infrastructure as well as park and recreational assets.

Port Stephens Council (New South Wales)
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Port Stephens Council has been using excel spreadsheets to perform complex asset valuations for a number of years. Like most excel spreadsheets the process became inefficient and not flexible enough to meet our evolving asset management planning in addition to the process carrying inherent spreadsheet risk.


I came across the Asset Valuer Pro product after attending a seminar on asset management facilitated by David Edgerton from APV. His depth of knowledge on the topic was extensive which was also evident within Asset Valuer Pro product. With a growing emphasis on Councils to perform regular asset valuations by the NSW Audit Office in addition to complementing our asset management planning this product seemed to tick all the boxes.  


The implementation process was simple and the navigation of Asset Valuer Pro was made easy through David’s direct and responsive approach. We did face some conceptual hurdles around the valuation process but having access to an industry expert to bounce ideas off allowed us to overcome these.


I like how you can see the instant financial result of a change in approach, theory or concept with regards to asset valuations and asset management and still be AASB compliant. The software is flexible to suit most needs and reduces risk surrounding the process. I look forward to seeing the further development of the product as I can only see its benefit to Port Stephens Council growing.    


Glen Peterkin   Finance - Reporting Coordinator   Port Stephens Council

Paroo Shire Council  (Queensland)

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Paroo Shire Council initially purchased Asset Valuer Pro as part of a package to rationalise all of the Council Asset Valuations. The systems ability to easily replicate the asset details has allowed the Council to segment the assets and easily carryout valuations. Due to its simplicity it has allowed staff to demonstrate to Councillors the impacts of various asset strategies on depreciation and the life of the assets. We are excited about the new upgrade which will allow us to more easily run these strategies and do simple asset management


Stephen Harbort │ Chief Finance Officer │ Paroo Shire Council

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