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Pricing and Demo

The fee structure for software products is often complex and unpredictable and often contains a range of hidden fees which can sometimes suddenly become quite significant. We also appreciate that entities have limited budgets and require certainty about future costs.


Bearing this in mind we have developed a fee structure that is simple, transparent and provides certainty for budgetary considerations and ensures the cost of compliance with respect to valuation is significantly lower than the alternative option of engaging external valuers.

The only mandatory fees are :-


  • Implementation Fee

    • One off fee quote upfront

    • Based on discussion with client regarding needs and location

    • Travel, accommodation and ancillary costs billed separately at cost


  • Annual Licence Fee

    • Quoted upfront

    • Fee remains fixed for licence period

    • Includes full access to all features (including all asset management features)

    • Unlimited number of users

    • Based on size, complexity and licence type

    • Typically between $15k to $40k with unlimited users and unlimited valuations.


Where requested Asset Valuer Pro or one of its accredited partners can also provide support via a range of ad-hoc services. The rates are based on typical rates for professional services but depending on the extent and nature of the work are negotiable. Any travel or ancillary costs are billed at cost.

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