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The Asset Value Pro application is cloud based.

To login go to

Instructions and Guidance

A range of instructions and guidance can be accessed from the ‘Help’ section in the Asset Valuer Pro cloud application.


Once you login this is located towards the bottom of the left hand menu pane. Included are instructions and guidance covering a range of topics.


Before setting up the Asset Valuer Pro ‘client file’ the System Administrator and other key users should take time to read the documents saved in the ‘Help’ section of the Asset Valuer Pro cloud application.


Guidance can also be obtained from other users via the User Forum.

If you have any queries please email

Tablet Version

The Asset Valuer Pro Tablet version is a tool which can be used to undertake mobile data capture. It can operate on a Windows, IOS or android environment. We recommend running it on a 9.7 inch iPad.


As Asset Valuer Pro evolves the tablet version needs to be updated to reflect the new features. The latest version of the tablet can be downloaded from the ‘Help’ section of Asset Valuer Pro.

Technical Support

Additional guidance and support can be obtained directly from Asset Valuer Pro either by email, phone or via web support.


Email:  (valuation and accounting related)

            (Software related)                  

Phone: Australia                                           +61 7 3221 3499

Terms and Conditions

Like all software users are required to accept a range of standard terms and conditions. These cover generic issues and are designed to protect the rights of both the user and Asset Valuer Pro.


It is a requirement of subscription that users sign the ‘Confirmation of Subscription’ which includes acceptance to the standard terms and conditions. These can be downloaded and printed from the attached file.

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